Jeremy Carlsten

Web Designer, Developer, Geek

Blooper Image

This blooper image was created for my graphic design class. My overall goal here was to display a previous picture of myself onto Mt. Rushmore. Over I think the project turned out fairly well. I think the shadowing was the most difficult part of this project; however, they seem to have come out ok. Another difficulty that I had to work around was the glare in the original image of my head, the glasses I was wearing at the time reflected a bright light back towards the camera, a stone scupture obviously wouldn't do this.

Business Card

This business card was again, created for my graphic design class. The project was to design a logo, and then a business card to put the logo onto. Since I had already spent some time working with photoshop, learning it solo, this was a fairly easy project for me to complete. I decided that I would create a business card that would display my name on it and a logo, my cartoon face, that I had used previously in an older design of this portfolio site. The flow of the card came out quite nicely I tried very hard to make the effects on the card very subtile. The gradients are very minimal, and the line dividing the rotated logo is somewhat faint.

CD Cover

Another project for the graphic design class. The project was to create a CD cover, while most of the class was creating a CD cover for a well known band, I decided to showcase some of the songs that I had played in a band that I was in, The Centerville Jazz Band. On the back I showcased some of the songs that we had played in recent years as well as a few that I hadn't played but graduated classes had. The Overall design of the CD cover was based upon the T-Shirt design from my first year at Jazz Champs, the state level competition.

Change Something

From my graphic design class. I was asked to find a photo and change some things about it without making the image look fake, or altered if possible. It can be hard to create effects like this; however, with the image that I chose of my barn cat it wasn't that difficult. The most obvious change between the two is my highlighting of my cat, his name is Bob. This makes Bob pop in the image. Additionally, I removed the unsightly tire from the background of the image, and I added a few more leaves, or weeds in this case, into the image where the tire was located.


This Stamp project was another project from the graphic design class. I was instructed to create a stamp, lucky for me there wasn't any size regulations on this project, so I messed around with some neat effects that I found on the internet, and added a few of my own. the image turned out nicely; however, if the stamp separators, and pricings are removed the image would work better as a desktop background than a stamp. The hardest part about this design was getting the items to align properly so that the elements appear to flow together. I like how text effects turned out on this project, each seemingly a part of the element they spell out.

Typographical Art

Our project this time for the graphic design class was to create an image out of text. The method that the teacher was instructing us to do was a lot of very time consuming work that then turned out with a less appealing design. So, I did a little research on different methods, and found this particular method that used image masks to do all of the hard work for us. After showing this new method to the class, and the instructor, she said that she would teach this new method along with the original methods.

Candy Bar Wrapper

Another project for my graphic design class. Our instructions this time were to create a candybar wrapper, that would be printed out and actually wrapped around a hersey bar. For this project I decided that I would need to plan ahead, and in doing so I realized that I probably wouldn't get paper to wrap in a way like one would see on a modern candy wrapper. I instead created a candy wrapper sleeve and wrapped the candybar in aluminum foil, giving it an old-timey feel. Additionally, for kicks and grins, I threw in a ticket designed to look like a golden ticket, instead calling it the platinum ticket.

ParmeleHouse Bed and Breakfast

The most recent of my volunteering works. My wife and I stayed at this gorgeous bed and breakfast in Plattsmoth Nebraska (short drive away from omaha) we loved the owner/operator Carroll and offered to help her with her website, today I help maintain the site and I am in the process of converting it to wordpress to help make it easier for her to make changes without relying on myself or others.

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Carlsten's Cookbook

Pending the long and probably never ending process of inserting recipies into this database. I created this site as a christmas present for my parents, the styling for this site is farily simple; however, the backend is 100% my code. The first site that I have built with such a large scale of functionality. The users are allowed to enter new recipies into the database, edit, and delete. The largest challenge on this site was getting the search functionality down. In the future I hope to refine the design of the site; however, I had a very short timespan to complete the site, Christmas was near.

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Appcore Blog

I am (as of this date 2/13) a contracted employee of a company by the name of Appcore. I have done a lot of work for them most of which I am unable to put out on my portfolio. They did let me post a picture of their internal blog. We installed wordpress and a theme that one of the marketing guys found online. I have done a lot of work tweeking that theme, to the point that it isn't the same theme anymore. Additionally, I have built a glossary plugin for the internal blog.

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Iowa Kids University

I was approched by a very nice woman by the name of Sue Huff, she needed some major overhaul on her organizations website. So we met a few times and talked about what she needed and naturally I volunteered my services. I decicded that she would need something that she could have anyone easily add content to, and that I would use wordpress for this. Originally, I was going to build her a thme of her own; however, we later decided that the time frame that she wanted the site to be compeleted in wouldn't allow for a custom theme. So I installed one and have been making small tweeks to it since.

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Heartland Humane Society

I was asked by the former club president, I replaced her later on, to work on a project that to my understanding had been "in the works," for quite some time. They as a club had offered to help a no kill shelter, Heartland Humane Society, update their very old website. The former President and myself got to work on this long overdue project. Both of us had used wordpress in the past, so we dove in and wrapped up the site.

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Although unfinished, Facetweeter is a web application that I have derived that will take the facebook "news feed" and place it next to the twitter feed. This would consolidate the number of sites that the user would need to visit to stay up to date with they're E-World. The sites design is based around both twitter and facebook with a few tweeks that make it my own.

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SunShine HotTub Sales - Assignment

This program was a class assignment, for C#, to create a commission calcualting and sales reporting program for "SunShine Hot Tubs," a fake company created for the assignment. The company has three employees, and was our first menu driven program. I added a few extras above the initial requirements including, writing the report to a txt file, Error Styles, and I added a few additional checks.


Pong Graphics - Assignment

This program was a class assignment, for JAVA II, the assignment was very open ended I decided to play with some Java Game Development. I built a simple pong game but with a slight twist, when the ball hits a paddle that paddle gets slightly smaller. I used SLick 2d to develop this game.

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